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Spring 2013

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Bachelor of Arts



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James Morrison

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Gregory Hess

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The title of this compilation of my own creative writings is Trees, Breathe, Paper. This unique collection of poetry, short stories and prose contains a range of work, composed from 2002-2012. The thematic goal of this undertaking is to ballast as many implicit and explicit meanings as are comprehensible, and to extrapolate a distinct spectrum of latent and straightforward explanations with discernible psycho-analytical accuracy. We all know poetry is truly formless and based on springs of natural inspiration. Thus, we derive our purest inspiration from the natural world and we prune it in its unfiltered, raw state. Poetry is an externality that materializes from thin air.


Please note that in this thesis, the terms writer, poet, author, novelist and litany of other titles will be used interchangeably. Since the power of literacy is divine, as a metamorphic and transformative talent, anyone who promotes global literacy should be commended.