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Spring 2013

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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Film Studies

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Gaston Espinosa

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James Morrison

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This thesis explores how women in different religious communities relate to the concept of Salvation. Focusing on Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism, this short experimental film, and supplement paper, seek to provide an alternative point of view that translates this unique experience for women in religions that use heavily gendered language and that are rooted in traditional patriarchal cultures. By using the experimental film medium, viewers are able to perceive religion and film in a new way that pushes the viewer to give their own interpretation of the imagery on screen. It also allows viewers to give the imagery meaning and to be submerged in the content of the film. This thesis is an exploration so it does not provide a concrete answer but it encourages a viewer to reevaluate their own spiritual beliefs and to take into consideration an alternative perspective.

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