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Spring 2013

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Marjorie Charlop

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Recent research has investigated the prevalence of gross motor deficits in children diagnosed with Austim Spectrum Disorder (ASD), however these studies typically utilize the Bruininks-Oserestsky Test of Motor Proficiency, the Movement Assessment Battery for Children, the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales, or the Test of Gross Motor Development for assessment. These scales are expensive, require specialized equipment, are difficult to administer, and contain numerous test items that lead to long test administration times. The current research applied the Charlop-Atwell Scale of Motor Coordination to measure gross motor function deficits in children with autism and compared the data against scores from neurotypical children to determine the degree of delay of motor development. The Charlop-Atwell scale proved to be an effective measure of motor deficits and the study had high interobservor reliability. Children with ASD scored significantly lower than neurotypical children half their age on the objective subtest and total scale score. Looking at scores on separated test items, individual motor deficits were identified and results can be referred to an occupational or physical therapist for remedial treatment program development.

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