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Religious Studies

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“My wife is Protestant, I am Catholic, and we are happily married” my father told our tour guide as we passed Hotel Europa, which the tour guide informed us is the most bombed hotel in Europe, and a prime symbol of the Protestant- Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland. “That sounds great with your American accent,” the tour guide responded. I was baffled that two sects of Christianity, denominations of the same religion, could have so much hate for each other. After much research, I came to realize that religious leaders significantly manipulated Catholicism and Protestantism to implement their own agendas in a way that justified violence. This manipulation was visible in all aspects of society during the height of the conflict in Northern Ireland between 1960 and 1988, a period also known as the ‘Troubles.’ I will specify how religion significantly influenced society, and why the fact that the conflict is reflected in art is so significant. I hope you enjoy!

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