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Since its inception, the video game industry has been both a new medium for art and innovation as well as a major driving force in the advancements of many technologies. The often overlooked video game industry has turned from a hobby to a multi-billion dollar industry in its short, forty year life. People of all ages and genders across the world are playing video games at a higher clip than ever before. With so many new gamers and emerging technologies, it is an exciting time for the industry. The landscape is constantly changing and successful business models of the past will need to find ways to adapt if they wish to remain successful in the growing industry.

Looking at how past trends and technological innovations have driven the industry gives understanding and insight into where it is at today and where it will go in the future. Video games have become an interactive art medium which inspires users to explore and create. The digitalization of games and their extreme popularity reflect our instinctive desire to seek out game-playing for its fun, cooperative, and competitive nature.