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Spring 2014

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Lee Skinner

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In Latin America, violence inside and outside of soccer stadiums has generated negative publicity and has given the sport a negative image. This violence is often premeditated and carried out by the barrabravas, organized groups of radical fans who have strong senses of identity and attachment to their soccer club. Members of these groups are mainly young men from lower socio-economic backgrounds who have found themselves to be marginalized by society. Moreover, these groups are usually employed by club officials, and even have connections with politicians and political parties. This thesis will closely examine this issue, performing case studies of specific barrabravas, as well as providing characteristics that distinguish this model of radical fan support from the Hooligans of England. The final chapter of this thesis will shift focus from the barrabravas of countries such as Argentina, Columbia, and Chile, to the torcidas organizadas of Brazil. An investigation as to the security measures taken by Brazil and FIFA will be performed, especially as the 2014 FIFA World Cup quickly approaches. Ultimately, this thesis will demonstrate that the issue of the barrabravas reflects the systemic issue of corruption that permeates in Latin American society and government. Without true reform of the system, this issue is likely to continue.