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The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between the field of nursing and transformational leadership. The introduction provides a foundation for defining leadership and a history of leadership theories. Chapter one discusses the transformational leadership model and its four components as well as the effects that transformational leadership can have on organizations, such as satisfaction, performance, and stress. In addition, this section compares transactional leadership to transformational leadership. Chapter two provides a history of nursing and current problems in the nursing field, which can be addressed by applying transformational leadership to nursing. This section provides insight into the leadership aspect of nursing and examines the effects that transformational leadership can have on nurses, patients, and the overall medical field. Lastly, chapter three is a case study on the Western University of Health Sciences leadership program for nurses, specifically focusing on the transformational leadership portion. This section will provide background information about the program, such as the program’s goal and curriculum, and indicate the effects that the seminar has had on nursing leadership. Ultimately, this paper will show the importance of teaching and applying transformational leadership to the nursing field in order to improve the satisfaction, wellbeing, and the performance of nurses and patients.

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