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Spring 2014

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Bachelor of Arts


International Relations

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William Ascher

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This research will examine the literature, the context, and current policies intended to enhance entrepreneurship in Latin America. It will draw on examples from across the region, focusing on Chile in particular. It will also examine the strong emphasis on science and technology innovation in certain countries in Latin America. Because this is currently one of the primary features of entrepreneurship policy in the region, it is worth exploring the implications this trend has for development in Latin America and the impact it is having on the entrepreneurship policy goals of increasing productivity, resilience, and inclusive growth. The results of this analysis are concerning. By narrowly defining innovation, officials may be encouraging the development of enclave economies of limited benefit and diverting resources away from more inclusive policies. On the other hand, if aligned more closely with local business realities and needs, innovation policies could lead to inclusive and sustainable growth. It will conclude with specific policy recommendations that, with contextual adaptations, can be applied to enrich the environment for entrepreneurship across the region.

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