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Spring 5-10-2016


Watershed management is critical in ensuring a sustainable water supply. This project is designed to assess the impact of bioswales in the context of Southern California’s climate. The patterns of droughts and floods make these green infrastructure appealing as they offer potential to boost water quality and regenerate local aquifers, while reducing the area of impermeable surfaces in our urban landscape. As bioswales have not been commonly incorporated into infrastructure development, our project focuses on a relatively new bioswale, added in 2012 and located on Pomona College’s campus, to serve as our case study in determining the viability of bioswales in the Pomona Valley. Through scientific, economic, and political analyses, and through collaboration among Pomona, Harvey Mudd, and Pitzer Colleges, we promote more sustainable watershed management and thinking in efforts to revitalize our local water supply and re-engage the Pomona Valley community.

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