Project and Engineering Management Certificates Offered by Professional Organizations

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This paper summarizes five major project management (PM) certificates and two major engineering management (EM) certificates offered in the United States by professional organizations. The two EM certificates are offered by Engineering Management Certification International, an organization developed in cooperation with the American Society of Civil Engineers. Information is given on the number of people holding the certification, eligibility to get the certification, exam format, cost for the certification, and contact information for the organization offering the certification. The information is summarized and organized into four tables: general information, eligibility and certification requirements, exam information, and U.S.-based organizations’ contact information. This paper also includes information for organizations outside the United States offering PM certification in thirty-three countries. Finally, a new international PM certification offered by a U.S.-based organization is discussed. This paper will help you decide what certifications are applicable to you and the requirements to obtain a certification.

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