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Polarized 8Li nuclei have been produced through the 7Li(d,p) reaction using the 3.5-MeV Van de Graaff accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The observed polarization was a slowly-varying function of deuteron energy over the range 1.3-2.9 MeV, reaching a maximum of about +1.6%. The recoiling nuclei were stopped in Au, Pt and Pd foils and the effective dipole moments were measured by a resonant depolarization method. The results were 1.65362(22)µN, 1.65288(20)µN and 1.65270(30)µN respectively. These are consistent with the work of Connor, who found µ(8Li) =1.6530(8)µN in a LiF crystal. An upper limit for the 8Li quadrupole moment will also be discussed.


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