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We consider the problem

−Δu = λK(|x|)f(u), x∈Ω

u=0 if |x|=r0

u→0 as |x|→∞,

where λ is a positive parameter, Δu = div(∇u)is the Laplacian of u, Ω = {x ∈ Rn; n > 2,|x| > r0}, K ∈ C1([r0,∞),(0,∞)) is such that lim r→∞ K(r) = 0 and f ∈ C1([0,∞),R) is a concave function which is sublinear at ∞ and f(0) < 0. We establish the uniqueness of nonnegative radial solutions when λ is large.


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