K-shell Spectroscopy of Plasmas Created by Intense Laser Irradiation of Micron-scale Pyramid and Sphere Targets

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K-shell spectra of targets with microstructured features irradiated by an intense femtosecond laser have been studied. Examination of Kα emission from laser irradiated Si targets coated with micron-scale polystyrene spheres indicates that the emission is enhanced by a factor of ∼3 over emission from planar solids. Sphere-coated targets also emit K-shell He-like Si radiation indicating the presence of a hot dense plasma beneath the microspheres. Furthermore, Kα from Ti foils coupled to micro-tipped reentrant pyramid and wedge shaped targets has been studied, however, no significant enhancement of the Kα yield is observed for these kinds of targets. These studies illustrate that, with correct tailoring of the target surface, field enhancements can be used to increase X-ray emission from intensely irradiated targets.

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