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Two-dimensional Non-Commutative Open String (NCOS) theory, well-defined perturbatively, may also be studied at strong coupling and for large D-string charge by making use of the Holographic duality. We analyze the zero mode dynamics of a closed string in the appropriate background geometry and map the results onto a sector of strongly coupled NCOS dynamics. We find an elaborate classical picture that shares qualitative similarities with the SL(2,R) WZW model. In the quantum problem, we compute propagators and part of the energy spectrum of the theory; the latter involves interesting variations in the density of states as a function of the level number, and energies scaling inversely with the coupling. Finally, the geometry exhibits a near horizon throat, associated with NCOS dynamics, yet it is found that the whole space is available for Holography. This provides a setting to extend the Maldacena duality beyond the near horizon limit.


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