Identifying Nodes and Anti-Nodes of Complex Structures with Virtual Elements

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Engineering (HMC)

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This paper develops an experimentally efficient procedure that allows the determination of the location of the nodes and antinodes of a complicated structure. The approach is based on attaching a virtual element, either a virtual lumped mass or a virtual grounded spring, to the system of interest and analyzing the free vibration of the assembled system as a function of the location or co-ordinate of the virtual element. When the frequency curves of the assembled system are plotted against the constraint location of the virtual element, the nodes and antinodes of the structure of interest can be extracted by examining the minima or maxima of the curves. For the virtual lumped mass, the nodes and antinodes correspond to the maxima and minima of the frequency curves, respectively, while for the virtual spring, they correspond instead to the minima and maxima of the frequency curves.

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