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Increasing the number of US students entering graduate school and receiving a Ph.D. in computer science is a goal as well as a challenge for many US Ph.D. granting institutions. Although the total computer science Ph.D. production in the U.S. has doubled between 2000 and 2010 (Figure 1), the fraction of domestic students receiving a Ph.D. from U.S. graduate programs has been below 50% since 2003 (Figure 2).

The goal of the Pipeline Project of CRA-E (PiPE) is to better understand the pipeline of US citizens and Permanent Residents (henceforth termed domestic students ) who apply, matriculate, and graduate from doctoral programs in computer science. This article is the first of two articles from CRA-E examining this issue.

This article provides an initial examination of the baccalaureate origins of domestic students who have matriculated to Ph.D. programs in computer science. We hope that trends and patterns in these data can be useful both in recruiting and, ultimately, in improving the quality and quantity of the domestic Ph.D. pipeline.

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