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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Science



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Michael Orrison

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Weiqing Gu


In this thesis, we present a new class of algorithms that determine fast Fourier transforms for a given finite group G. These algorithms use eigenspace projections determined by a chain of subgroups of G, and rely on a path algebraic approach to the representation theory of finite groups developed by Ram (26). Applying this framework to the symmetric group, Sn, yields a class of fast Fourier transforms that we conjecture to run in O(n2n!) time. We also discuss several future directions for this research.

emalm-2005-prop.pdf (65 kB)
Thesis Proposal

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10-Minute Thesis Presentation

emalm-2004-11-23-ffts.pdf (309 kB)
20-Minute Thesis Presentation

emalm-2005-01-08-ffts.pdf (231 kB)
DIF FFTs for the Symmetric Group

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Admitted Students Program

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Presentation Days Slides

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Presentation Days Poster

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Recent Results in General FFTs

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Midyear Report

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Problem Statement

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Picture of Eric Malm