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Winter 11-20-2016


Library building usage data are weak. Electronic resource usage data are weak. We conduct occasional headcounts and receive sketchy COUNTER reports. These data lack needed specificity and can’t be correlated to each other, e.g.; what resources do the early birds who sit in the north commons use? What if we knew to the minute and foot how many patrons occupied the building and where they sat? What if we also knew the electronic resources those same patrons used whether or not they were in the building? And what if we could perfectly protect their privacy? We can. This presentation will be most relevant for libraries with: Centralized wireless (if not, this will provide some justification) Centralized authentication, e.g. CAS, LDAP, Shibboleth EZProxy or other web proxy to electronic resources Patron type (Faculty, Undergraduate, etc) information either in the ILS or in the CAS/LDAP/Shibboleth


Presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Library Association, Library and Information Technology Forum (LITA) in Ft. Worth. Speakers Notes are included as Annotations in the PDF. They include much more detail.

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