The Practical Enlightenment: German Cameralists and Yankee Economists

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History (Pitzer)

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Cameralists, Economists, Enlightenment


This work is a chapter in Jenseits der Diskurse: Aufklärungspraxis und Institutionenwelt in europäisch komparativer Perspektive, edited by Hans Erich Bödeker and Martin Gierl.

The book as a whole addresses the fact that "Enlightenment" is discourse, and where it became historically influential, it is life-organizing practice. Diversity and coherence of enlightened practices were part of the organized operations of institutions that incorporated enlightened discourse. Enlightenment spawned and influenced institutions, and, from the perspective of practical orientation, Enlightenment lived within institutions. Contributions in this volume also address a spectrum of other subjects. They are presented in comparative perspective to enlightened institutions such as schools, libraries, and poor houses, from practical perspectives of everyday life such as politics, administration, education, religion, and literature, and of the geographical perspectives of France, the old German Reich, Italy, and Denmark.

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