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Environmental Analysis (Pitzer)

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environmental education, sustainability, LEEP program, preservation, Claremont


Humans are transforming earth's landscape from a natural matrix with pockets of civilization to just the opposite. Most of us realize that this pattern is not sustainable. I live and work in Claremont, California, a charming college town in the midst of suburban sprawl. The town has a central village of terminally tasteful, overpriced bungalows nestled in the shade of tall, largely exotic trees. Indeed, most of the landscape of this "city of trees and Ph.D.s" has been imported; only a remnant parcel of coastal sage scrub that the Claremont Colleges have reluctantly preserved remains.


Material is originally from P. F. Barlett and G. Chase (eds.), Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change available at MIT Press.

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