Seeing double: Five-month-olds’ mental rotation of dynamic, 3D block stimuli presented on dual monitors

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Pitzer College, Psychology (Pitzer)

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Mental rotation, Infant development, Spatial cognition


Mental rotation (MR) involves the ability to predict how an object will look once it has been rotated into a new orientation in space. To date, studies of MR in infants have tested this ability using abstract stimuli presented using a single display. Evidence from existing studies suggests that using multiple displays may affect an infant’s performance in some kinds of MR tasks. This study used Moore & Johnson’s (2008) simplified Shepard-Metzler objects in a dual-monitor MR task presented to five-month-old infants. Evidence for MR in infancy was found. These findings have implications for MR testing in infancy and the influence of display properties on infant MR performance.

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