Lieba Faier. Intimate Encounters: Filipina Women and the Remaking of Rural Japan

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Book Review


International and Intercultural Studies (Pitzer)

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How might a rural Japanese community come to see Filipina brides as “more Japanese than young Japanese women today” (153–54), upending the biologically-based racist essentialisms that consolidate the Japanese nation-state? Lieba Faier's publication of her UCSC anthropology dissertation disrupts nationalist and other identitarian claims to culture. In critiquing systemic or structural approaches to global processes (e.g., capitalism, the nation-state, colonial histories) as unable to sustain sufficient specificity (18), Faier emphasizes local, quotidian construction of meaning, desire, belonging, and culture (1). Based on Faier's work, this approach seems promising in dislodging troubled universalist categories and Eurocentric claims to the global in exploring global/local relations.

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