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Cellular agriculture is an emerging technology aiming to replace existing methods for animal agriculture with tissue engineering and cell culture-based technologies. Cultured meat falls within this purview, using a biomimetic approach to recreate animal muscle tissue through tissue engineering. In the attempt to diminish the necessity of animal-derived materials within this process, plant-based scaffolds can be used as a substrate upon which stem cells are cultured. Due to the unfavorable environment of cellulose for mammalian cell-surface proteins, the approach was taken of coating cellulose nanofiber films with a fusion protein composed of a cellulose binding domain (CBD) protein and the cell-adhesion peptide motif RGD, upon which bovine satellite cells were then cultured. Using this protein as an intermediate upon which each component can bind, our results indicate statistically-significant enhancement of cell attachment within this system when using an FBS-containing media formulation.