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In this day and age, great progress is being made in acceptance of all kinds of "alternative identities." With growing numbers of identities, imposter syndrome about identity rises with people feeling as though they don't fully belong to an identity group. What does it even mean to be a member of an identity group, and why do I, and many others, feel like an imposter in them? I offer two essays discussing the matter. The first covers alcoholism and how not committing fully to sobriety feels like it excludes my using the identity of alcoholic or addict. The other on being LGBTQIA+ tackles feeling like the '+' in that group and what it means to be uncertain about queerness, resulting in feeling like an imposter. Through essays that, at times, feel more like rants, I journey to understand my own imposter syndrome while simultaneously delving into larger discussions of identity and labels and their place in the modern world.

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