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This paper seeks to understand the experiences and representation of older women, both in fiction and real life as well as in the early 20th century and today. Firstly, I examine the female protagonists in three of Virginia Woolf’s novels before turning to a linguistic analysis that explores how older women perceive themselves today and how they think other groups – such as the media, the younger generation and men and women in their age group – perceive them. Woolf’s feminist style uncovers the existence of invisibility and embodied aging experienced by the so-called Angel in the House. This Woolfian analysis is then applied to contemporary notions of aging, beauty and visibility. Data collected from a survey distributed to women aged fifty-five and older illustrate the contradictions between how older women see themselves and how they think the media and younger generation portray them. Furthermore, many of the female participants experienced a shift in their linguistic tendencies from their youth, namely that, with age, they speak with more confidence.