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In recent years, Hong Kong has seen massive encroachment from Mainland China, resulting in Hong Kong’s own legislature introducing policy aimed at supporting Mainland Chinese authority in Hong Kong. As a result, Hong Kong has seen two large scale acts of political dissent, The Umbrella Movement/Occupy Central Movement in 2014, and the protests in response to an Extradition Bill in 2019. These events highlight that Hong Kong’s political landscape is shifting, and shifting fast. This study employs data provided by the World Values Survey to measure how measures of trust in state institutions and willingness to take political action have changed over the years, and along what demographic lines. Quantitative analysis shows that trust in state institutions has degraded over the last decade and a half, especially amongst younger, university-educated citizens with low prospects for upward mobility. Findings also show the same people who distrust the state are more likely to take confrontational political action, especially those within this group who identify as male. These findings provide a good indication of the trajectory of Hong Kong’s political landscape and raise concerns for China’s long term re-integration plans for Hong Kong.