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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Analysis

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Lance Neckar

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Susan Phillips

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Pitzer College’s East Mesa parking lot has been greatly outgrown and hardly adapted in its history. This thesis aims to redesign the lot as something highly usable for the present as well as the future needs of the school. At the core of the design are three design principles: Biophilic design, Human Centered Design, and adaptable architecture. I also pulled conceptual ideas from three precedent buildings from both on and off campus. The on-campus sites are Pomona’s “The Hive” and Harvey Mudd’s “Makerspace” and the off campus site is JaJa Architects’ PARK’N’PLAY. Utilizing each of the three principles in conjunction with the design precedents I created a parking garage that addresses parking needs and utilizes the large footprint of the parking lot to expand Pitzer’s Environmental Analysis program to a much larger space in addition to implementing climate resilient design such as solar energy and water retention. This project is an example of applicable forward thinking building as the design world looks to how it must adapt to climate change.