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This paper accompanies an archive platform for campus activists--students, faculty, staff, and community members--at the Claremont Colleges to use as a means to address institutional erasure of memory of activism. The platform attempts to provide a way for campus activists to rewrite the history of the colleges by exposing the work that past activists have done surrounding any variety of issues. In other words, campus activists can find particular issues in the archive that they may want to organize around and can use the information they find about past actions to create a narrative that may be different than the one that the colleges write about themselves. The paper offers a roadmap for campus activists to practice collective agency through its discussion of strengthening meshworks, new conceptions of time, and a process of un- containing. The paper argues that the project has the potential to disrupt the pattern where valuable memories of organizing are contained from the community as student activists graduate, as the colleges confine student dissent into single-issue movements, and through a normalizing history of the colleges. The paper proposes that un-containing takes place in the archive as campus activists create critical histories of the Claremont Colleges.