An Evaluative Calculus Project: Applying Bloom's Taxonomy to the Calculus Classroom

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Mathematics (Pomona)

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Calculus, Bloom's taxonomy, capstone project, evaluation


In education theory, Bloom's taxonomy is a well-known paradigm to describe domains of learning and levels of competency. In this article I propose a calculus capstone project that is meant to utilize the sixth and arguably the highest level in the cognitive domain, according to Bloom et al.: evaluation. Although one may assume that mathematics is a value-free discipline, and thus the mathematics classroom should be exempt from focusing on the evaluative aspect of higher-level cognitive processing, I surmise that we as mathematics instructors should consider incorporating such components into our courses. The article also includes a brief summary of my observations and a discussion of my experience during the Fall 2008 semester, when I used the project described here in my Calculus I course.

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