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DNA, microarrays, statistics


With advances in technology, biologists have been saddled with high dimensional data that need modern statistical methodology for analysis. DNA microarrays are able to simultaneously measure thousands of genes (and the activity of those genes) in a single sample. Biologists use microarrays to trace connections between pathways or to identify all genes that respond to a signal. The statistical tools we usually teach our undergraduates are inadequate for analyzing thousands of measurements on tens of samples. The project materials include readings on microarrays as well as computer lab activities. The topics covered include image analysis, filtering and normalization techniques, and statistical methods. The course materials are designed for someone with little or no statistical background, but due to the novel concepts covered, they could easily be adjusted to accommodate students with practically any background.


course modules available at:∼jsh04747/courses/microarray/modules.htm

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