Genoese Renaissance Villas: a Typological Introduction

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Art and Art History (Pomona)

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Genoese Renaissance, villas, Italy


This essay presents a typological introduction to Genoese Renaissance villas as an alternative building form to the urban palace and residential patterns of family life in the city. My survey focuses on Genoese villa architecture from the mid 15th through the late 16th century, following three historical phases of development: a late Lombard Gothic, an early Renaissance and a High Renaissance period. The close interrelationship of Genoese urban and suburban residences during this period of change is emphasized, as well as the underlying functions of the villa as a pleasure retreat from the city and a ceremonial (or formal entertainment) centre in nature. Finally, those stylistic influences from Northern and Central Italy are outlined that were so important for the development of a Genoese Renaissance villa style.

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