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feminism, philosophy of science, objectivity, mathematics


Janet Kourany’s book is a strange one: published by Oxford University Press (as a part of its Studies in Feminist Philosophy series), it is an academically oriented book, but reading it, you sense that this is not yet another theoretical monograph. For Kourany has her ax to grind, and more importantly she has a program to promote. The program is for philosophers of science and is motivated and encouraged by the amazing work done in the past few decades by feminist scientists and feminist scholars of science, technology, and society. In the following I will try to explain why I think you might want to read the book even if you do not describe yourself as a philosopher. I must admit I have a sneaking suspicion that the author has a rather uneasy stance toward mathematics (about which I will say more below). I believe, nonetheless, that the book has much to offer to the readers of this newsletter.


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