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The Wayne Steinmetz Chemistry Education Resources Collection provides a thorough and introspective look at the vast body of work produced by Dr. Wayne Steinmetz in the course of his commitment to chemistry education at Pomona College. The collection contains numerous professional resources and research materials related to the teaching of chemistry including but not limited to syllabi, sample homework assignments and handouts, problem sets and previous examinations. The purpose of this collection is to showcase the range of ephemera produced in the course of a career in higher education; additionally, the collection serves as an example of material culture describing instructorial methodology and the state of the field of chemistry seen through a discrete lens. As the collection is relativity current with respect to the material contained therein, the Steinmetz Collection is just as valuable as a raw educational resource.

Starting with his appointment to Assistant Professor of Chemistry in 1979 after receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard University during that same year, Dr. Steinmetz has consistently brought insight and inspiration to the study and teaching of chemistry. Involved in all levels of scholarship throughout his tenure at Pomona College, Dr. Steinmetz has taught various courses including, General Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics, Environmental Chemistry and Physical Chemistry in Molecular Biology. As a member of Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa, a Woodrow Wilson and National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellow and the author of a generous amount of publications Dr. Steinmetz's contribution to the Académie is well documented as well as preserved in this collection.

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