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Environmental Analysis

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On the southeast corner of the Pomona College campus a small community farm and lush oasis is nestled in the suburban jungle of Claremont, California. ‘The Farm’ is a two-acre food forest that produces a wide variety of annual vegetable crops, fruits, and perennial herbs and berries in a landscape otherwise covered largely in asphalt and lawn.From my experiences on the Farm and in the classroom studying environmental analysis , I have developed a great interest in sustainable food and farming. The failures of the modern food system, destructive to the natural environment and inadequate in providing the world’s population with sufficient food or nutrition, posed against a great variety of emerging alternatives, has led me to study and engage in local, grassroots efforts to create new (and remember old) ways of feeding ourselves. In this project, I focus on the development of the Claremont area and the role that food and agriculture have played in its history. Additionally, I discuss the current situation and the local food system alternatives that are emerging.