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Environmental Analysis

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Lance Neckar

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Eric Doehne

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This thesis explores the historic preservation projects in two cities: Suzhou, China, and Pasadena, California, United States. The purpose of investigating the strategies and policies used in each of the historic districts is to discuss whether preservation strategies applied in both cases could represent historic authenticity. The first two chapters focus on the project plan of the two historic districts. By evaluating the preservation policies at both national and regional level, histories of the districts, and approaches adopted by two cities, this thesis discerns the different perceptions of “authenticity” in preservation strategies in two countries. The next part of the thesis compares the two historic districts in terms of their distinctive focuses on preservation approaches. I, therefore, conclude that even though both cases have been deemed as successful models of preservation projects in each country, both historic district has demonstrated different levels of insufficient protection in culture and social sustainability.

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