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Open Access Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Environmental Analysis

Reader 1

Bowman Cutter

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Marc Los Huertos


This senior thesis in Environmental Analysis compares critical infrastructure pieces in Tokyo and Los Angeles, on three discrete levels, with a particular focus on the pedestrian experience. As global population grows, with more people projected to live in urban cities more than ever, it is critical that we re-evaluate how we think about and “do” city-planning. Following Jane Jacobs’ theoretical framework, this thesis dissects what urban greenspaces, city neighborhoods, and sidewalks look like in LA and Tokyo. It analyzes, for each proxy, how two of the world’s most “developed” and largest cities have developed into the current landscape. Historical, cultural, economic, and political legacies matter, and a comprehensive evaluation of the three proxies in context of these legacies are recommended for more pedestrian-friendly city planning in rising metropolises.