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The climate crisis is not new to us, nor are the art forms that have taken shape as vital components of the many activist movements that seek to save the planet. Yet, for the first time at Pomona College, a play about environmental devastation and our hand in it finally graced the stage of this progressive institution this past year. This mini handbook is a call-to-action (of sorts), one that stems from the idea that this should not be the last ecodrama performed at Pomona College. These chapters are structured and supported by both experience and research – formulated from what I have learned from advocating for and helping to produce an ecodrama for the college’s mainstage season. This documentation will provide the foundation for a path forward, including next steps the college and theatre department can take, and the most prominent limitations of this institution as it pertains to producing ecodramas and sustainable art. It is my hope that ecodramas are more seriously considered in future season planning and that this mini-guide paints a path forward for progress as a department and an institution.