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“Nosotras las mujeres ibamos al río a lavar la ropa pero sin con tanto químico y nada de esas cosas. Ahora, pues, cómo ve…” (Tomala, 2023).

The woman’s vignette of La Comuna Ancestral Las Tunas, or the Ancestral Commune of Las Tunas is a testimonio of the territory, yet women’s testimonios are registered separately from the dominant tales of territorial resistance of la Comuna. The analysis of testimonios arises from Chicanx/Latinx feminist studies that center the voices of Chicana/Latina women to form a collective narrative emerging from silences. I aim to interlace Latinx and Latin American geography principles with Chicana/Latina testimonio methodologies and genre to envision the overlap between testimonio and territory. My research project will capture how the testimonios of women uncover the silences in the territorial knowledge of Las Tunas. The central theme is how testimonios disrupt the masculine hegemonic territorial narratives of La Comuna, fundamentally changing how stories shape territory and the territory imaginary. Ultimately, I ask: how do testimonios of women of La Comuna Ancestral Las Tunas in southern Manabí, Ecuador shape the territory and, by defying the silencing of their stories, offer an alternate and decolonial narrative of the territory?