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The synthesis of sulfur (IV) compounds is of great importance to many researchers due to its potential to synthesize biologically active compounds, such as sulfoxides, sulfinamides and sulfinate esters among others, that are present in many drugs that are used to treat cancers and gastrointestinal diseases. The revenue from these life-saving drugs (e.g Faslodex, Nexium, Pantoloc, and Dexilant among others) amounts to approximately 2 billion USD, highlighting their widespread use.1 The novel solution-stable reagent N-methylimidazolium sulfinyl fluoride hexafluorophosphate (MISF) presents promising prospects for the synthesis of these highly coveted biologically active compounds, which could potentially lead to a decrease in the cost associated with its synthesis.2 This investigation will showcase the various attempts made to synthesize a-ester sulfinyl fluoride via the utilization of the bench-stable reagent MISF, alongside potassium fluoride, diisopropylethylamine, methyl ester and various reaction conditions (Figure 1). In addition, this presentation will explore future steps that could be taken upon the successful synthesis of the ester sulfinyl fluoride (Figure 2).

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