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Four students portray Pomona College housekeeping staff that cannot speak for themselves, taking their words from letters written to Pomona College President David Oxtoby about problems in the work environment. Problems included are sex discrimination, failure of management to respond, gossip being reported to managers and used in evaluations, employees being kept as 'on-call' for years without health benefits, a sense of hopelessness, that no one is listening, and if they talk to students they are labeled troublemakers. The film ends with a series of still photographs of 17 Pomona staff members taken on the Pomona College campus in various locations with their names and number of years employed by Pomona College. Notes "This film is dedicated to the staff of Pomona College and to the students who support them. May no one in our community ever feel thrown away. No staff member appearing in this video is in any way associated with its making."


Credits: Davis, Adhana (actor); Gallegos, Andres (actor); Haas; Penelope (actor); Williams, Moira (actor); Mears, Steven (production assistant); Ruskin, Mollie (production assistant); Lipschultz, Liz (production assistant); Ruskin, Mollie (still photography).

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