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Spring 2013

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Environmental Analysis

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It was almost four years ago when I first visited the Pomona College Organic Farm and since then I have learned everything from the basics of gardening to the complex steps required to organize students for events and activities. As I learned more and saw so many students come and go, I saw a need for written documentation that would allow future generations of students to benefit from the skills that my peers and I have learned in our time at the Farm. The value of the Farm is grounded in having a vibrant physical space, and right now the knowledge to maintain and improve this space is only passed down from person to person. I hope to eventually combine the disparate bits of knowledge that I have accumulated over the years into a single guidebook. This thesis project, which is the first major section of that guidebook, covers the Farm’s history and basic technical skills like soil preparation, planting, plant maintenance, weeding, pest control, and tool use. This is a living document and will be constantly updated as the Farm changes and grows and as new information comes to light. Although the Farm has come a long way over the years, it still has a lot of unrealized potential, and I hope that this document both facilitates and records the great changes that are soon to come.