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The following thesis acts as a critical cultural progression report surrounding the current technological disruption in the entertainment industry and its impact on consumers. This begins with a study of the history starting in 1910 and covers the urbanization of America during the Industrial Revolution, the developing fan experience, a history of consumer demands in relation to oligopolistic principles and the blockbuster method, the invention and influence of the television, and the current effect of technological advancement in the entertainment industry. Following this historical overview, four chapters will study different methods of analysis covering the intricacies of the current technological disruption using four theories: population ecology, media systems dependency, the mainstream cult, and convergence and participatory culture. The culmination of this work will consist of drawing together the history, the theories, and the contemporary examples into a conclusion about the fate of the media oligopoly in which this researcher points to the importance of seamless integration between the media industry and the consumer by way of three possible outcomes.