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Research has consistently demonstrated the benefits of multicultural experiences for individual creativity (e.g. Çelik, Forthmann, & Storme, 2016; Saad, Damian, Martinez, Moons, & Robins, 2012). The present study will explore the interaction between framing and multiculturalism on creativity. Seven hundred and eighty eight participants who identify as multicultural will be randomly assigned to one of four experimental groups looking at framing (success/failure) and culture priming (present/not present). After being primed with an oral prompt, participants will complete the Alternative Uses Test to measure two aspects of creativity: originality and idea generation. Success framing is expected to be associated with higher creativity scores compared to failure framing. Presence of culture priming will be associated with higher creativity scores compared to no presence of culture. And success framing paired with presence of culture will have the highest creativity scores compared to other groups. Implications for creativity, identity and multicultural experiences are discussed.