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The Golden Gate Bridge, and the surrounding national parks, are one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world. Although this area is idyllic in many ways, its underlying governmental set-up creates traffic problems on the US-101 highway that angers tourists and commuters alike. One piece of land that exacerbates the increasing congestion on this section of US-101 is the Vista Point parking lot that is just North of the Golden Gate Bridge. This parking lot’s entrance is just off of the Northbound side of US-101, and during summer and holiday weekends cars will queue onto the freeway completely stopping the right-most lane. Vista Point presents a complex traffic problem to solve because of the multiple layers of overlapping governmental jurisdictions that actually govern this parking lot. Research for this thesis consists of 16 personal interviews with stakeholders involved in solving this congestion issue, and relevant studies and background information on all the political actors interviewed. This research results in an exploration of how these agencies work together to communally solve a traffic issue, and where disconnects occur during the overall planning process of Vista Point.