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Campus Only Senior Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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Azamat Junisbai

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Marina Pérez de Mendiola

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This study investigates cisgender, heterosexual male opinions regarding contraceptive use at the Claremont Colleges to determine current sexual practices and discern receptibility to novel types of birth control. The number of contraceptives available to women has gone through a significant incline within the past century while male birth control remains limited to withdrawal, condoms, vasectomy and abstinence. Using data collected from students through an online survey, the study addresses the following research questions: 1. What is the landscape of sexual behavior for cisgender, heterosexual men at the Claremont Colleges? 2. How are men situated in family planning as users of current and potential forms of birth control? The results of the study show that men at the Claremont Colleges are active participants in contraception and are receptive to novel birth control options under certain conditions and for various reasons. Participants in the study reveal a need to increase visibility of men’s opinions of male birth control and to emphasize the attitudes of young adults in discussing the responsibility distribution associated with birth control.

This thesis is restricted to the Claremont Colleges current faculty, students, and staff.