Unfolding the Spectrum of Emotions

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Entering the era of information, video has become a popular form of media to convey human’s emotions that appeal to the audiences. As cinema intertwines with different aspects of our daily life, it also provides a space for people to emphasize their ideologies and emotional feelings. Through different genres of films, the audiences are able to experience the stories that take place at a distant location on the world, and feel the extraordinary emotions that are unusual in the daily life. Despite the diversity of cultures within the worldwide cinema, the audiences are usually able to connect to the film’s sentiment even if the story adopts a different language and social setting. Such empathy will be enhanced in my capstone project as the participants directly expose their emotions of being touched, which will be edited with the audio materials triggering such sentiment, to connect to the audiences’ inner softness. As my capstone project, this 3-5 minute long experimental documentary will point out how human’s emotions can be interlinked even among strangers by calling forth the viewers’ empathy to the display of the interviewees’ emotions.

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