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"My name is..." // "...اسمي" is a photo series that aims to depoliticize the highly politicized identity of the Arab, female refugee. Due to the growing number of refugees being forced out of their homes and displaced all around the globe, their collective existence has turned into a number. The world only sees one image when they think of an Arab refugee; the suffering, hopeless body of an Arab, struggling to cross borders. The world is not exposed to the real experiences of these individuals, and their stories remain untold. With this project, I aim to share these stories. Female refugees have unique experiences as women, and as mothers. They hold specific responsibilities within the displaced family and community as a whole. Each of them carry different narratives, different hopes and dreams. Combining their stories alongside the photos will help humanize them and show a side to them that the mainstream media fails to show, a side that doesn’t drastically differ from the experiences of people all over the world, no matter where they are from.

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