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Olivia I. Greene


No-makeup makeup embodies skincare, “simple” beauty, and the need to cover-up less, an aesthetic that is natural, authentic, and approachable. This Capstone aims to answer the question, how has the no-makeup makeup trend intertwined with consumer and fourth wave feminism, consciousness of environmental concerns, and celebrity? Case studies of no-makeup makeup brands, Glossier, RMS Beauty, and Goop Beauty, explore how the trend drives consumers to achieve authenticity in social media and today’s selfie-culture. This Capstone examines the benefits and problems of the use of inspirational advertisement campaigns, popular trends such as clean beauty and environmental consciousness, and aspirational celebrity culture to sell no-makeup makeup products. While no-makeup makeup attempts to create a space of real, natural beauty, in reality, it is a space of people trying to fit into a trend telling them what they should look like, lacking authenticity. With today’s selfie-culture, people who use no-makeup makeup are constantly photo-ready, attempting to achieve the larger cultural trend of seeming wealthy, healthy, pretty and natural.

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