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The purpose of this research is to examine hiring discrimination as related to age appearance, gender, and the power level of the role. In this 2 (Age Appearance: 25 vs. 42) ✕ 2 (Candidate Gender: male vs. female) ✕ 2 (Role Type: management vs. non-management) between-groups factorial design, hiring managers will be recruited to look at a job description, a resume, and a photo of a candidate, then decide whether they would hire that candidate for that role. They will also rate their confidence in that decision and their perceptions of the candidate. It is hypothesized that men will be more likely to be hired than women, while younger-looking people will be more likely to be hired for the non- management position and older-looking people will be more likely to be hired for the management position. Additionally, participants’ perceptions of the candidates will be more positive for the older-looking and for the male candidates than for the younger-looking and for the female candidates. This study is important because it shows that implicit discrimination occurs in hiring decisions, which harms companies by causing them to have less diversity and harms employees by depriving them of a fair and equal opportunity to get hired for the job they want.

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