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Ecotourism, environmentally responsible travel to natural areas, is a growing industry that has the ability to bring invaluable tourism revenue to countries with flourishing natural environments. The Philippines has the potential to be an ecotourism hotspot, and if implemented correctly, ecotourism could enable the alleviation of poverty in the Philippines as well as contribute to the conservation of the Philippines’ natural resources. By examining three destinations in the Philippines and their ecotourism viability as well as the challenges that these areas face, this thesis explores how the Philippines can benefit greatly from well implemented sustainable ecotourism strategies. Management of ecotourism in the Philippines is currently fragmented and many stressors inhibit successful implementation, including the high rates of poverty and corruption that the country faces. The Philippines is also extremely vulnerable to the effects of the impending climate crisis, which further exacerbate environmental issues in the country and threaten the developing country’s growth. Looking at other countries in Southeast Asia and how they manage over-abundance of tourists can help develop a framework of how the Philippines can change the way they view and engage with tourism.